Extensive Course On

Drafting of Corporate & Commercial Agreements

Date 6-12 June
Type Live+Recorded
Duration 7 Days

Sagar Jaiswal


What will You Learn in this Course ?

  • Basics of Contract Drafting
  • Effective Representation of Contract
  • Legal Language for Drafting Contracts/Agreement
  • Pre-Contractual Instruments
  • Essentials of Valid Contract
  • Structure of Contract

  • Drafting of Preamble
  • Drafting of Definition & Interpretation Clause
  • Essential elements for Termination Clause
  • Drafting of Termination Clause
  • Essential elements of Dispute Resolution Clause
  • Drafting of Dispute Resolution Clause

  • Drafting of Boiler Plate Conditions
  • Drafting of other Essential elements of Contracts (Right, Duties etc)
  • Drafting of MOU
  • Conflicting Provisions
  • Examining Common error in drafting Contract

  • Drafting of Non-Disclosure Agreementof Company (Anti-Discrimination Policy, Lease Policy etc.)
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Employment Contract
  • Drafting of General Agreements
  • Drafting of MOA & AOA

  • Drafting of Arbitration Agreement
  • Drafting of LLP Agreement
  • Drafting of Policy Document of Company (Anti-Discrimination Policy, Lease Policy etc.)
  • Drafting of Trademark Usage Agreement
  • Drafting of lease deed

  • Complaints Handling, Policies and Procedures
  • Drafting of Enquiry Charge-sheeting
  • Drafting of Enquiry Reports
  • Drafting of IPR Clause/Agreement
  • Validity of Oral Contracts
  • Ecommerce Contract

Documents you will learn to Draft

We teach you how to draft important legal documents which improves your skills

Responsive Web Design
  • Definition & Interpretation Clause
  • Termination Clause
  • Boiler Plate Conditions
  • NDA Agreement
  • Arbitration Agreement
  • E Commerce Contract
and much more

7 Areas Law Community Focuses On

An enforceable contract is a written or oral agreement that can be imposed in a court of law. If the law permits enforcement of a contract, execution of an agreement is the obligation of the assenting parties. But there is more to it. Learn all about enforceable agreements in the corporate sector at the Law community.

Tips and advice on corporate law will be provided through the experts of the law community. This will help students in long run to determine their career path and the pros and cons of being in the corporate field.

This course will brush up your set of professional qualities that include the ability to think critically, analyze legal data and make conclusions.

Research skills include the ability to gather information about your topic, review that information and analyze and interpret the information in a manner that brings us to a solution. The Law community ensures these skills are on your tips after the completion of this course.

What is legal compliance in India? Why do we need legal compliance? What is the difference between statutory and legal compliance? How do we comply with legal requirements? How do you ensure legal compliance? What are the different types of compliance? Get all your questions answered in our course and get your concepts cleared.

We believe that during the nascent stage of a career in law, we all go through hardships and challenges. There are certain things you can keep in mind as a student or as a young professional so that you learn from other people’s mistakes and your journey can be as smooth and successful as possible. Get guidance from the best in the industry and then make your decision after the completion of this course.

Corporate culture and its relation with productivity is one element here. Another is how well you develop contract management skills after this course. Law community makes sure you have a command on both of these.

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What did our students have to say about us?

The Law Community Academy has extremely practical programs and deals with the practical nuances. It was a brilliant opportunity for me to participate in this event and enabled me to gain immense practical nuances of corporate drafting.

  • Tim Brooks
    Ayush Kumar
    Law Student
  • Law Community Academy has enabled me to gain immense practical knowledge about civil drafting. During this, I drafted a plaint for the recovery of money, various applications. Apart from immense practical learning, I also learned various provisions and rationale behind the concerned applications and petitions.

  • Tim Brooks
    Suyash Dixit
    Law Student
  • Law Community has really delivered the lectures with utmost clarity and integrity and has covered all the aspects of Drafting of such agreements and has also shared his personal experiences and guidance in making them.

  • Tim Brooks
    Nirupam Bhatnagar
    Legal Administrator
  • Who is this Course For ?

    Our Courses are designed while keeping everyone in mind who are connected with the Legal Industry




    Law Student


    CA & CS Trainees


    In House Counsels


    Meet Your Mentor

    Sagar Shivam Jaiswal

    He has founded a full-time litigation Law-Firm engaged in providing litigation services and assistance before various High Courts, National Company Law Tribunal and other judicial and administrative authorities including arbitral tribunals. He has represented government statutory and autonomous bodies like the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Quality Council of India before various courts.He had also regularly represented various financial institutions, to name a few ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, L&T Finance, ING Vyasa Bank, before the various Courts and tribunals including NCLT, DRT and DRAT.

    Practical Insights on Drafting of Commercial Contracts

    Our course is a concise practical guide for lawyers as well as non-lawyers. Therefore our expert Sagar Shivam Jaiswal provides his Practical guidance to acquiring good contract drafting skills for Corporate and commercial agreements in simple language.

    Enhances Agreement Writing

    No matter if it is an agreement between two parties for civil dispute or corporate matters, good agreement writing goes a long way in settling their disputes. It can also make a wrongdoer party settle; for the best they can get out of this is a settlement. Our course makes you develop the skill of agreement writing most professionally yet in very easy baby steps.

    Understanding the Key issues concerning Commercial Contract Formation

    A perfect contract is formed when all the key elements of a contract are present. However, the main task is to identify the key issues that are to be dealt with in your agreement. Learn how to identify the important elements that are to be included in your agreement with sample documents and live examples in our course.

    Become Accurate and In-Tune

    Commercial contracts are often rejected or denied to be accepted simply because they are not accurate and do not line in with the demands of the other party. We through our course teach you how to draft a commercial contract accurately and in synchronization with the demands of both parties. So that your agreement stands out and so do you.

    Contract Management Skills

    Contract management helps in accelerating contract execution and contract review. A solicitor with this skill expands the amid of his organization in an effective manner. We help our students develop this skill through our extensive course on the drafting of corporate and commercial agreements.


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