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Drafting of Writ Petitions

Date 10-19 June
Type Live+Recorded
Duration 10 Days

Mayank Sapra

Advocate, Delhi High Court

What will You Learn in this Course ?

  • Introduction to Constitution
  • Brief about Fundamental Rights under Constitution
  • Different types of Writs and its role
  • Competent parties to file writ petition

  • Basic Requirements to file Writ Petitions before High Courts
  • Essential Components of Writ Petitions
  • Stages of Proceeding in a Writ Matter
  • How to find the application of Writ

  • Understanding Importance of Doctrines in Writ Petition
  • Doctrine of Res Judicata
  • Doctrine of Exhaustion of Remedies
  • Doctrine of legitimate Expectation

  • Drafting the writ of certiorari
  • Drafting reply of certiorari
  • Writ against tribunal judgement

  • Drafting the writ of Habeas Corpus
  • Drafting reply of Habeas Corpus
  • Drafting the writ of Quo warranto
  • Drafting reply of Quo warranto

  • Drafting the writ of Mandamus
  • Drafting reply of Mandamus
  • Drafting the writ of prohibition
  • Drafting reply of prohibition

  • How to file reply of writ petition
  • How to draft prayers in writs
  • Drafting writ petitions before high courts and SC

  • Mandatory pre-conditions before filing PILs
  • How is a PIL different from a regular writ petition
  • Stages of proceedings until disposal in a PIL
  • How to Draft PIL Application before HC
  • How to Draft PIL application before SC under Article 32
  • Withdrawal of Public Interest Litigation

  • How to draft effective Writ Application
  • Key and Important Facets while Drafting Writ petition
  • Common Mistakes while Drafting Writ Petition and Its Remedies

Documents you will learn to Draft

We teach you how to draft important legal documents which improves your skills

Responsive Web Design
  • Drafting of Different Writ Petitions
  • Drafting of Reply to Writ Petition
  • PIL Application before Supreme Court
  • Writ Petitions Filed by NHRC
  • Prayers in Writ Petition
  • Writ Against Tribunal Judgement
and much more

7 Areas Law Community Focuses On

Fundamental Rights can be enforced with the help of writ jurisdictions. But it is not it yet. Where will you enforce these fundamental rights? Law community course will help you understand what is the different jurisdiction of different courts with regards to writ petition

This course will make you aware of the format and procedure of filling of writ petitions in different courts. This will make you acquainted with diverse practices OF law in courts.

What makes a writ petition maintainable? When can a writ petition be dismissed? Is PIL maintainable as a writ petition? Does Limitation Act apply to writs? Get the answers to all the questions regarding the maintainability of writs in our course.

We at the Law Community make sure that you grasp theoretical plus practical knowledge and that you understand the link and application of one and the other. That is why we thrive to make you analyse and comprehend drafts of writ petitions

In this course law community will focus on how much you had previously learned about filling out an application of PIL and will assist you in starting a fresh and clean slate under the guidance of our expert.

Before filling an application the applicant and his attorney must be fully aware of what they are stating in the application, especially when it is a PIL. The conceptual basis of PIL will be cleared during this course so that you never make a mistake based on your understanding of PIL concepts.

Statutory Provisions always helps in determining the gravity of the case. Article of Indian constitution in relation with WRIT petition is a very essential element here. Our course will provide the students with full comprehensive consideration of the scope of these articles in regards to the writ petition.

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What did our students have to say about us?

The Law Community Academy has extremely practical programs and deals with the practical nuances. It was a brilliant opportunity for me to participate in this event and enabled me to gain immense practical nuances of corporate drafting.

  • Tim Brooks
    Ayush Kumar
    Law Student
  • Law Community Academy has enabled me to gain immense practical knowledge about civil drafting. During this, I drafted a plaint for the recovery of money, various applications. Apart from immense practical learning, I also learned various provisions and rationale behind the concerned applications and petitions.

  • Tim Brooks
    Suyash Dixit
    Law Student
  • Law Community has really delivered the lectures with utmost clarity and integrity and has covered all the aspects of Drafting of such agreements and has also shared his personal experiences and guidance in making them.

  • Tim Brooks
    Nirupam Bhatnagar
    Legal Administrator
  • Who is this Course For ?

    Our Courses are designed while keeping everyone in mind who are connected with the Legal Industry




    Law Student


    CA & CS Trainees


    In House Counsels

    Meet Your Mentor

    Mayank Sapra

    "Mayank Sapra is an advocate based out of Delhi primarily practicing in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, and various other Tribunals. As an independent practitioner, he is currently dealing with challenging issues in the fields of service law, disabilities law, and telecommunication and broadcasting laws. He is also actively involved in filing Writ Petitions, PIL’s, and empanelled with Counsel to Secure Justice and have been representing the victims in POCSO matters. Apart from that he actively helps needy people through his pro - bono services."

    Citation Skills

    Learn to differentiate between ratio decided and obiter dicta while reading a judgment and cite settled position of law accordingly. Writ petition drafting helps in improving your citation skills. Learn how to cite and what to cite with our course.

    Research and Critical Analysis

    Writ petitions are one of the simplest petitions to draft but only if your research and analysis skill is on point. analyzing your content before putting it in a draft is very important. Law Community through its courses helps you in developing these important skills.

    Conceptual Knowledge on Writs

    Often when writs are taught in law schools students are confused about the basic concepts of writs. As a result, they also feel that it is not appealing but we make sure our students are intrigued by the concepts of writs before we move towards its drafting.

    Practical implementation

    Our course is a practical guide for lawyers as well as non-lawyers. Therefore our expert Mayank Sapra provides his Practical guidance to help young generation lawyers get the experience and insight of the field in advance.


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