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Criminal Law & Litigation

Date 1st June
Type Live
Duration 2 Months

Sanchita Ain

Partner,ASV Legal LLP

What will You Learn in this Course ?

  • How to lodge an FIR
  • How to Lodge Complaint under 156(3) CrPC
  • How to Lodge Complaint under 190/200 CrPC
  • How to draft Cyber complaint
  • How to draft Domestic violence complaint
  • How to draft Notice & complaint under NI Act
  • How to make an amendment to a criminal complaint

  • How to draft Application under section 91 CrPC
  • How to draft reply to police when the police issues summons to produce a document under section 91 CrPC
  • Rules of admissibility for oral,documentary, digital or physical evidence
  • How to cross-examine a witness in a criminal trial

  • Remedies available against false case/false evidence and how to avail them
  • How to file different kinds of bailapplications
  • How to file an application for cancellation of bail under Section 437(5) and 439(2) CrPC

  • How to draft application under Section 207 CrPC
  • How to draft application under Section 311 CrPC
  • How to draft application under Section 319 CrPC
  • How to draft a protest petition
  • How to draft a revision petition

  • How to draft Criminal Appeal before Session Court, High Court and Supreme Court
  • How to read judgments and use them as precedents while drafting
  • How to draft a criminal Writ Petition filed before the Supreme Court and High Court

  • How to draft an Application for Quashing an FIR
  • How to draft a Criminal Contempt petition filed before the Supreme Court and High Court

  • How to read an impugned order and cull out grounds for an SLP
  • How to draft a criminal SLP

  • How to draft a Review Petition
  • Different kinds of skillsets required to become successful criminal lawyer in trial court, High Court and Supreme Court
  • How to prepare arguments

Documents you will learn to Draft

We teach you how to draft important legal documents which improves your skills

Responsive Web Design
  • Protest Petition
  • Revision Petition
  • Criminal Appeal
  • Criminal SLP
  • Review Petition
  • Application for Quashing FIR
and much more

7 Areas Law Community Focuses On

In this course from the very basics of how to handle cases even before the trial commences in order to ensure a smooth and successful trial to how to draft and argue all sorts of criminal petitions and applications, we will be covering all aspects in depth regarding criminal law which every legal professional needs to know.
Most lawyers focus on arguing effectively. Students are never taught how to draft. But when you start working in a law chamber or a firm, the first thing you are asked to do is to draft. This course will teach you how to draft impressive criminal petitions, appeals and applications so that you don’t miss out anything.

You’ll get to practice drafting under supervision keeping in mind what makes a draft good and exceptional. We’ll also discuss the issues lawyers face in the course of arguing a matter when they have not covered a certain point in their draft. You’ll get practical knowledge on how to apply what you read in criminal law textbooks.

With the help of practice-based assignments, you’ll get to learn and brush up your research and drafting skills.

Courses at Law Community focuses more on practical aspects which legal professional need to know or get to learn only through experience. We provide you with ‘go-to lists’ you would need on a daily basis.

Criminal petitions, appeals and applications are required to be filed before different forums which follow different practice procedure. This course will make you acquainted with the general filing procedure followed in district courts of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other places, high courts of certain States and Supreme Court.

For this particular course, Law Community has collaborated with Ms. Sanchita Ain who is an expert in the domain of criminal litigation. She has been practising before Supreme Court, High Courts and district courts in Delhi. During their journey, our experts have gained a lot of experience which they will be sharing with you all so that you don’t make any mistake in your profession.

Law Community believes it's important to present perfectly before courts. Hence, in this course, we will be brushing up your skills on how to make impressive and effective arguments before courts. There are certain things lawyers do to make their arguments fool-proof. Many don’t share and some don’t know how to dissect and share it with others. They just do it intuitively.

Our Expert Ms. Ain has been trained under Mr. Salman Khurshid, Senior Advocate and has got opportunities brief and work with some of the best lawyers of the country. She’ll share with you the different techniques successful lawyers use to win a case for their clients.

Our experts will be guiding you through the key factors one should keep in mind and the rules to follow when you are working as an intern or as a lawyer.

Good and thorough research is the backbone of any kind of drafting and arguments made in courts. Our expert is known for her ability to do quick and sharp research. If you are one such lawyer, you’ll never have to look for a job. Our expert, Ms. Ain never had to apply for a job. She was invited by the lawyers themselves to work with them. She always had options to choose from. If you are good at what you do, lawyers would want to have you in their team as much as you would want to work with them.

Learning how to find relevant case law is a process and our expert would take you through it, being with you at every step. In this course, you’ll get to learn and practice scanning and skimming through long judgments looking for what you want, cull out ratio from a judgment, know which part to rely upon while drafting and arguing.

We believe that during the nascent stage of a career in law, we all go through hardships and challenges. There are certain things you can keep in mind as a student or as a young professional so that you learn from other people’s mistakes and your journey can be as smooth and successful as possible.

Hence our experts shall also give you basic counselling tips and customised career advice to learners depending on their individual needs and requirements. We are doing it to ensure your growth in the profession and to support you in your aspiration to become a standout in a competitive world.

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What did our students have to say about us?

The Law Community Academy has extremely practical programs and deals with the practical nuances. It was a brilliant opportunity for me to participate in this event and enabled me to gain immense practical nuances of corporate drafting.

  • Tim Brooks
    Ayush Kumar
    Law Student
  • Law Community Academy has enabled me to gain immense practical knowledge about civil drafting. During this, I drafted a plaint for the recovery of money, various applications. Apart from immense practical learning, I also learned various provisions and rationale behind the concerned applications and petitions.

  • Tim Brooks
    Suyash Dixit
    Law Student
  • Law Community has really delivered the lectures with utmost clarity and integrity and has covered all the aspects of Drafting of such agreements and has also shared his personal experiences and guidance in making them.

  • Tim Brooks
    Nirupam Bhatnagar
    Legal Administrator
  • Who is this Course For ?

    Our Courses are designed while keeping everyone in mind who are connected with the Legal Industry




    Law Student


    CA & CS Trainees


    In House Counsels

    Meet Your Mentor

    Sanchita Ain

    Sanchita Ain is an advocate on record in the Supreme Court of India. With an experience of almost a decade in the field of law, she has handled complex matters before the Supreme Court, High Courts, and other forums in the country.She has been involved in landmark constitutional law cases like linking PAN with Aadhaar, triple talaq, 2G spectrum case, affirmative action, rights of minority institutions, land acquisition cases, and matters relating to Criminal Laws and is an experienced Criminal Litigator. She holds the prestigious LLM degree in International Human Rights Law from the University of Essex.

    Excellent Drafting Skills

    Every lawyer should have drafting skills more importantly a criminal Lawyer should be excellent in drafting. Hence, this course will be supremely beneficial for boosting your drafting skills.

    Litigation Experience in Criminal Courts

    The key to success in the field of Law is Experience the more you have more you grow. Law Community provides tremendous support in finding you the right internship/ job.

    Good in Communication

    Whether it’s about talking to clients or objecting to a bail application in a court of law communication plays a vital role. We at the law community provide various such opportunities to become a pro in communication.

    Information Research & Analysis

    Absorbing facts and figures, analyzing details, and distilling into something manageable. Law Community through its courses helps you in developing these important skills.

    Knowledge of real and practical things apart from the codified law. Courses at Law Community are built up completely on a practical approach.

    Test your ability in Criminal Law. We at Law Community assess the assignments very closely to mentor you properly One-to-One.


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