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Proceedings under Cheque Bounce Cases

Date 23-24 April
Type Live
Duration 2 Days

Sagar Shivam Jaiswal

Senior Partner, PGLS

What will You Learn in this Course ?

  • Meaning & Definition of Cheque as Negotiable Instrument
  • Existence of cheque
  • Circumstances under which a cheque is dishonoured
  • Meaning of Legal Liability under Section 138 NI Act
  • Meaning of Presumption under Section 118,138, 139 of NI Act
  • Computation of period of limitation under NI Act
  • Drafting legal notice for dishonour of cheque
  • Drafting of Complaint under Section 138 NI Act

  • Drafting of Interim Compensation under section 143- A
  • Pre-summoning under NI complaint
  • Framing of notice under CRPC Section 251
  • Remedies available against summoning order under NI Act
  • Drafting of petition under CRPC Section 482
  • Rights of Accused to cross examine the complainant
  • Drafting under Section 145(2) of NI act
  • Examination of accused under CPC Section 313
  • Defence evidence
  • Drafting/Filing of application under CRPC Section 315/311

Documents you will learn to Draft

We teach you how to draft important legal documents which improves your skills

Responsive Web Design
  • Legal Notice for Dishonour of Cheque
  • Complaint under Section 138 NI Act
  • Application under Section 145(2) of NI act
  • Drafting of petition under CRPC Section 482
  • application under CRPC Section 315/311
and much more

7 Areas Law Community Focuses On

Getting to know the fundamentals and center principles is vital in any difficulty of law, mainly a more recent one. In this route, sizeable emphasis can be located on comprehending the basics and key ideas, in addition to assisting participants in grasping them. Expertise the basics and middle principles is vital in any difficulty of law, particularly a more recent one. On this direction, big emphasis will be placed on comprehending the fundamentals and key ideas, in addition to helping contributors in greedy them. Since it starts at the maximum fundamental stage to build on the aspirant's foundation, the course will aid you in revising the numerous acts and policies associated with the regulation. The course will look at diverse relevant legislation similarly to the principle act that the regulation is worried with in order to have a complete expertise of the issue.
One of the foremost imperative parts of a trial is cross examinations. Once more, a expertise one learns with involvement and makes idealize with hone. Since the instructor is one of the leading in trade, the members have get to to the leading information of how to cross.

Many people do not apprehend the primary yet complex tactics of preparing and submitting a software or a criticism due to the fact that it is something that is discovered via hands-on experience and perfected thru coaching. This is any other topic so one can be included in this course. Many people do no longer understand the primary but complex strategies of making ready and submitting an application or a complaint in view that it is something this is found out through arms-on experience and perfected thru education. That is some other topic a good way to be included on this course. The shape of applications, petitions, and lawsuits submitted beneath customer law varies by means of kingdom. While addressing jurisdiction, this direction will familiarize you with the numerous forms required in numerous jurisdictions.

Since the instructor is an industry master, members will get to the most excellent in business skill, which comes from a long time of hone and involvement. His direction and proposals will have an affect on not fair what and how a individual learns, but too the foremost successful ways to apply that information. Since he has worked with celebrated litigators and law companies, the teachers for this course is the perfect person to direct you through the employability and versatility of the abilities you pick up in this session.

Throughout the length of this path, the participants will analyze newer methods of getting to know content material. Moreover, well timed efficient techniques of research might be taught as nicely. The foundation of any form of writing and criminal arguments is careful and sizable observe. Our professional is famous for his ability to conduct thorough research in a short amount of time. You'll by no means ought to are seeking work in case you are one of these lawyers. Lawyers might want you on their team as a good deal as you will need to paintings with them in case you are ready at what you do. Locating applicable case law is a technique, and our expert might manual you thru it, accompanying you at each step. This direction will train you the way to test and read through long judgements to locate what you are looking for, a way to extract ratio from a decision, and the way to recognize which components to rely on even as writing and debating.

At some stage in the route, you may be examined on a normal foundation to see how a ways you have stepped forward. College students might be given homework on the give up of every consultation to help them apprehend the difficulty. We, the regulation community, take assessments and assignments very seriously, at the hazard of acting harsh. We've got tactics in region to generate and administer regular examinations and assignments, in addition to to analyse them and offer thorough findings and hints for development. We also organise doubt-clearing workshops on a normal basis.

In each range of law, particularly a more current one, acing the establishments and key thoughts is vital. This course will put a solid center on understanding the standards and pivotal thoughts, as well as helping members in doing so. Any range of law, particularly a more up to date one, requires an understanding of the essentials and key thoughts. This course will put a solid center on understanding the standards and significant thoughts, as well as supporting members in doing so. The course will help you in changing the different acts and rules connected to the law since it begins at the foremost essential level to construct on the aspirant's establishment. In arrange to have a total get a handle on of the issue, the course will see at other germane legislation in expansion to the most act that the law is concerned with.

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What did our students have to say about us?

The Law Community Academy has extremely practical programs and deals with the practical nuances. It was a brilliant opportunity for me to participate in this event and enabled me to gain immense practical nuances of corporate drafting.

  • Tim Brooks
    Ayush Kumar
    Law Student
  • Law Community Academy has enabled me to gain immense practical knowledge about civil drafting. During this, I drafted a plaint for the recovery of money, various applications. Apart from immense practical learning, I also learned various provisions and rationale behind the concerned applications and petitions.

  • Tim Brooks
    Suyash Dixit
    Law Student
  • Law Community has really delivered the lectures with utmost clarity and integrity and has covered all the aspects of Drafting of such agreements and has also shared his personal experiences and guidance in making them.

  • Tim Brooks
    Nirupam Bhatnagar
    Legal Administrator
  • Who is this Course For ?

    Our Courses are designed while keeping everyone in mind who are connected with the Legal Industry




    Law Student


    CA & CS Trainees


    In House Counsels

    Meet Your Mentor

    Sagar Shivam Jaiswal

    He has founded a full-time litigation Law-Firm engaged in providing litigation services and assistance before various High Courts, National Company Law Tribunal and other judicial and administrative authorities including arbitral tribunals.He has represented government statutory and autonomous bodies like the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Quality Council of India before various courts. I had also regularly represented various financial institutions, to name a few ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, L&T Finance, ING Vyasa Bank, before the various Courts and tribunals including NCLT, DRT and DRAT.

    Outstanding drafting abilities

    To be viable in case, a lawyer must be well-versed in drafting. The numerous forms and recording forms that have been set up must be acquainted with. With this in intellect, the arrangement and recording of complaints is one of the key topics of this course.

    Experience with Genuine Case

    As a result of this course, your capacity to speak to a client in a buyer law debate will have developed fourfold. By taking advantage of the Law Community's numerous case and presentation openings, you will pick up real case involvement in courts of law.

    The significance of communication cannot be exaggerated.

    We accept that our courses will help you in creating down to earth abilities that will help you in accomplishing victory in your legitimate career. What you learn in lesson is recollected and embedded in you for future utilise via practise. One of the most ranges we centre on is different styles of communication, with a specific accentuation on one-on-one.

    Research and analysis of facts

    Developing a personal records financial institution by means of gathering expertise, analysing it, and refining it into consumable morsels that may be referenced to later. Regulation network assists you in reaching these desires with its publications.

    As formerly stated, law network is committed to presenting members with realistic talents that they may apply in the real global whilst practising law. As a end result, whilst intellectual knowledge of codified law is critical, we region a higher weight on fostering realistic abilities in people.

    We, the law network, take checks and assignments very significantly, on the threat of appearing harsh. We've strategies in region to generate and administer normal examinations and assignments, in addition to analyze them and offer thorough findings and pointers for development. We also organize doubt-clearing workshops on a normal foundation.


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