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Commercial Disputes

Date 14-15 May
Type Live
Duration 2 Days

Nivesh Sharma

Managing Partner,PGLS

What will You Learn in this Course ?

  • Introduction to Commercial Disputes
  • Jurisdiction of different Courts in Commercial Disputes
  • Understanding Determination of Specified Values

  • Mediation and Settlement under Commercial Disputes
  • Latest Amendments in CPC in relation with Commercial Disputes
  • How to Appeal under Commercial Dispute

Documents you will learn to Draft

We teach you how to draft important legal documents which improves your skills

Responsive Web Design
  • Protest Petition
  • Revision Petition
  • Criminal Appeal
  • Criminal SLP
  • Review Petition
  • Application for Quashing FIR
and much more

7 Areas Law Community Focuses On

Learning the nuts and bolts and the key concepts is pivotal to understanding any field of law, particularly a more current one. In this course, uncommon consideration will be paid to understanding the essentials and the imperative concepts and offer assistance members get a handle on the same. The course will help you in changing the different acts and rules connected with the law, since it starts at the foremost fundamental level to construct on the aspirant's foundation. In conjunction with the most act that the law is concerned with, the course will moreover see at other related statutes in arrange to have a comprehensive get a handle on of the issue.
It is completely fundamental that one knows how the values within the debate have been arrived at, to control over or beneath valuation. This calculation is another vital center of the course. The choice of our teachers is key to this aspect. Nivesh is an industry master who contains a endless encounter of working with debate of such nature. Not as it were does he know the most recent ways of most effective calculation but too is smart with how to put the arrived comes about to utilize to accomplish favored comes about for one’s client.

Post calculation, it is imperative to know what diverse values imply. The course educators will particularly take up assurance of values to assist understudies learn the same. Nivesh could be a prepared proficient with a wealth of skill settling such clashes. Not as it were does he know the foremost up-to-date strategies of most proficient computation, but he moreover gets it how to put the gotten discoveries to work for one's client. His lessons will give a more profound understanding in learning what those values decide and how to turn an underwhelming valuation in one’s support.

Moving absent from the ordinary case, the course will moreover take a see at debate determination through implies of arrangement and intercession. Since these drop beneath the category of elective debate resolutions, a concept moderately much more current to India, we bring to you the most excellent and most tried counsel. Nivesh’s lessons will incorporate viable applications of arriving at a positive result for the client in case the matter goes for arrangement and intervention.

Special consideration will be paid to making members mindful of the later standards within the field. Together with the acts, all critical and later patterns will be secured. The course will help you in revising the different acts and rules connected with the law since it starts at the foremost fundamental level, building on the aspirant's establishment. The course will see at other related enactment in expansion to the essential act that the law is concerned with in arrange to have a comprehensive get a handle on of the issue.

Members will get get entry to to the finest in enterprise understanding, which comes with years of exercise and revel in, due to the fact the instructor is an industry expert. Members gets get right of entry to to the finest in business understanding, which comes with years of practise and enjoy, because the teacher is an industry professional. His advice and course will affect now not simply what and the way a person learns, however also the most effective strategies to use that statistics. Nivesh is the best individual to guide you through the employability and scalability of the skills you examine on this consultation because he has worked with top notch litigators and law companies.

Normal assessments can be administered in the course of the direction to give you a demonstration of your development. After each session, assignments will be given to assist students realise the standards. We at the law community, on the danger of seeming severe, take examinations and assignments very severely. We've specific tactics in region to create and admit common checks and assignments, examine them, and provide detailed outcomes and remarks for improvement. On a everyday foundation, we additionally hold doubt-clearing sessions.

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What did our students have to say about us?

The Law Community Academy has extremely practical programs and deals with the practical nuances. It was a brilliant opportunity for me to participate in this event and enabled me to gain immense practical nuances of corporate drafting.

  • Tim Brooks
    Ayush Kumar
    Law Student
  • Law Community Academy has enabled me to gain immense practical knowledge about civil drafting. During this, I drafted a plaint for the recovery of money, various applications. Apart from immense practical learning, I also learned various provisions and rationale behind the concerned applications and petitions.

  • Tim Brooks
    Suyash Dixit
    Law Student
  • Law Community has really delivered the lectures with utmost clarity and integrity and has covered all the aspects of Drafting of such agreements and has also shared his personal experiences and guidance in making them.

  • Tim Brooks
    Nirupam Bhatnagar
    Legal Administrator
  • Who is this Course For ?

    Our Courses are designed while keeping everyone in mind who are connected with the Legal Industry




    Law Student


    CA & CS Trainees


    In House Counsels

    Meet Your Mentor

    Nivesh Sharma

    Nivesh Sharma is Managing Partner at Prudens Globus Legal Solution and is the core strength of the Law Firm. He has been into Criminal Law for the past half a decade and has presented various clients in front of High Courts and various district courts across the country.

    Super drafting capabilities

    Every lawyer should be nicely-versed in drafting in order to achieve success in litigation. One ought to be acquainted with the numerous forms and submitting strategies that have been set up. With this in thoughts, one of the main focuses of this path is on criticism practise and filing.

    Actual litigation revel in

    Your capacity to symbolize a customer in purchaser regulation disputes will have expanded fourfold due to this route. You could reap sensible litigation experience at courts of law by taking gain of the law community's one of a kind possibilities for litigation and publicity.

    Communication is a concern

    We are hoping that our courses will assist you increase realistic capabilities to help you achieve your felony profession. What you learn here throughout a class is retained and instilled for subsequent use via training. Various forms of verbal exchange, with precise emphasis to at least one-on-one and one-to-many verbal exchange, are one of the crucial topics we awareness on.

    Information Examination and Inquire about Gathering information, dissecting it, and refining it into edible bits that will be alluded to afterward, and so viably developing a individual data store. With its courses, Law Community helps you in fulfilling these objectives.

    As already said, Law Community accepts in giving individuals with down to earth abilities that they may use when honing law within the genuine world. As a result, whereas we esteem conceptual comprehension of codified law, we put a more noteworthy accentuation on ingrains commonsense aptitudes in an individual.

    We at the Law Community, at the chance of appearing extreme, take examinations and assignments very genuinely. We have particular forms in put to form and concede visit exams and assignments, assess them, and offer nitty gritty comes about and comments for advancement. On a customary premise, we too hold doubt-clearing sessions.


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